Hack a Job 2019

Interested in doing cool stuff, living in the Hacking Hotel in Switzerland AND getting paid for it? Apply for Hack-a-Job. See https://ungleich.ch/u/blog/hack-a-job-2019/ for more details.


What is your name?
In which areas do you have experiences? Choose the ones you feel comfortable in.
What is your birth date (required for legal reasons)?
What is your nationality (required for us to verify VISA requirements)?
Describe yourself
Which Open Source Software can you use very well? Choose at maximum 3 and reason why you are good in it.
What are important things to take care of when setting up a CEPH cluster?
Which network virtualisation (VLAN, VXLAN or SRv6) would you use and why?
What is the "best" operating system for provding VM hosting and why?
Name 3 reason why you think that python 3 should be used instead of python 2 (or reason why to prefer python2, if you believe that)
What kind of authentication would you use for a REST API? Why?
If your job was to setup 30 servers, how would you do it? Describe some details. OS of your choice.
What are the key differences between IPv6 and IPv4? How do you configure nginx and haproxy to use IPv6?
Why do you think you should be invited to hack-a-job?
If you win hack-a-job, when would you like to start living and working in Switzerland?
How did you hear about Hack-a-Job?
Do you prefer a room with waterfall or mountain view?
Do you have any special requirements (food, environment, etc.)?